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Not shaved ice or a snow cone. Italian Ice is a cool refreshing treat with silky smooth consistency. It is produced in a batch freezer similar to making ice cream. Water, fresh fruit, purees and sugar are blended in a batch freezer. Italian Ice is fat free, cholesterol free and dairy free. 12 Degrees produces Italian Ice daily using the finest ingredients available -- filtered water, fresh fruit, purees, extracts and sugar cane. Cream ices produced contain 10% dairy.
Victoria and Dean Spencer are from the East coast, state of Delaware. Victoria owned and operated a family daycare for 30 years. Dean has operated small part time businesses, lawn care and sign shop as well as working full time for a fortune 5oo company for 32 years. 1993 was the start of the frozen dessert business, purchasing a mobile soft serve and Italian Ice business in DE. (Mr. Twist). The Italian Ice was purchased from a neighboring business that they shared space with. This was the introduction of how to make Italian Ice. Relocated to Maineville, OH., spring of 2011 to maintain employment of then 28 years. Possessing the entrepreneurial spirit, the decision was made to introduce the area to a product that is widely enjoyed on the East Coast. 12 Degrees Italian Ice opened spring of 2014 following two years of planning, developing local suppliers, creating recipes and building out location. The name 12 Degrees is two fold, temperature to store Italian Ice and 12 members of immediate family.
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